Image of report cover - Building Capability and quality in VET teaching: opportunities and challenges

Building capability and quality in VET teaching: opportunities and challenges

By Josie Misko Research report 15 September 2020 978-1-925717-56-3

18 September 2020: This report is being reviewed and will be re-released at a later date.


This publication reports on approaches to building capability and quality in VET teaching, and associated opportunities and challenges. It draws on relevant literature about teaching quality, the content, scope and usage of existing capability frameworks and professional standards, and consultations with key stakeholder groups. Insights from stakeholders have been used to gauge the level of support for: mandatory registration, adding to the list of existing requirements for entry into employment and associated risks. Advice on how to go about attracting and developing a capable VET workforce has also been provided. The publication also reports on the successes and challenges experienced in quality improvement pilot projects.