Student Outcomes Survey - RTO reports

27 November 2020 Revised: 27 November 2020


Each year, the National Student Outcomes Survey (SOS) collects important information about VET students’ satisfaction with their training and their employment and further study outcomes. The 2020 survey was designed, subject to response rates, to provide data for registered training organisations (RTO) with:

  • 100 or more qualification completers (previously known as graduates)
  • 100 or more nationally recognised short course completers
  • 550 or more qualification part-completers
  • 250 or more nationally recognised short course part-completers and/or
  • 550 or more subject(s) only completers.

The RTOs that met the above criteria and/or had enough survey responses for their students may be eligible to obtain a report summarising their students’ survey responses, alongside national and state comparisons.

Report availability

To ensure data are appropriately protected, NCVER will only disclose VET data about RTOs to an authorised person within the RTO. Some RTOs have already nominated an authorised person in the past 12 months. To check if your RTO has an authorised person or to nominate a new authorised person, the Chief Executive Officer must email NCVER via

When the reports are available early 2021, the survey fieldwork contractor (The Social Research Centre) will send an email to authorised RTO contacts with a unique username and password and instructions on how to access reports via a secure File Exchange Portal, which is managed by the fieldwork contractor. The 2020 reports will be available for approximately six months from early 2021 to authorised contacts via the secure Portal. After this time, please contact to obtain your RTO's report.

For further information on the survey, such as the students groups included in the survey, see the Frequently asked questions about the survey.